Protein Waffle Video Demonstration

I wanted to thank you for the awesome feedback I received on my first video demonstration of the two ingredient dough.

Here’s a video demo for the Protein Waffles that I make using the Devotion Nutrition protein powder.

These protein waffles are low in calories, high in protein, gluten-free and delicious. They are a staple in my wellness journey. They give me over 20 grams of protein I need to help me stay satisfied until lunchtime.

Click here for the Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker that I love.

Get 10% off your order with Devotion Nutrition using promo code PD10. Click here to order online.

Thanks for watching!!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Terri Gottenbos says:

    HAhaha. I’m glad I asked you to make a video about the two ingredient. Now you’re onto a whole new venue. Need to buy a tripod to hold your camera so we can see you! Lol


    1. Pounddropper says:

      Hey Terrie 👋
      Haha 😂 I really appreciated your little “push” to help me get started. I did get myself a I will definitely make one with my face showing one of these days! Lol 😂


  2. Shayla says:

    I love Devotion Nutrition! Thanks for introducing it to me!!


    1. Pounddropper says:

      You’re very welcome! I’m happy to hear you LOVE it as much as I do. It’s been a staple on my journey ♥️♥️


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